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Dallas - Hiram - Paulding County GA

Paulding Forest Wildlife Management Area 

2090 Rockmart Hwy - Dallas


This WMA supports healthy game populations and is popular for deer, turkey, and small game hunting. This WMA consists of state-owned land and land leased annually from private landowners. Contains one of the southernmost trout fishing opportunities, Raccoon Creek. The Silver Comet Trail transects this WMA.


This is a 25,707 acre Wildlife Management Area open to hunting seasonally.


Camping, pre-season scouting, hiking, picnicking, canoeing, and other recreational uses are allowed year- round, unless otherwise posted at the WMA check station or at a specific recreation site.


However, horseback riding and bicycling are restricted to open, improved roads, designated trails or designated areas. Horse and bicycle trails and areas may be closed during certain hunting seasons to avoid user conflicts.


Specific recreation sites can be closed as needed for management purposes by posting at the site. All WMA visitors are encouraged to wear hunter orange during hunting seasons. Refer to the annual hunting seasons and regulations to determine when specific WMA are open for hunting and what type of hunting is occurring.


For Additional Information, Call 706-295-6041.

Silver Comet Trail

The Paulding County section of the Silver Comet travels through Hiram, behind the Paulding Chamber of Commerce in Dallas, through remote areas in the Paulding Wildlife Management Area, and heads west near Braswell to the Polk County line.


Some interesting locations are the Thomas Concrete plant east of the Hiram trailhead, and the 750-foot restored Pumpkinvine Trestle about 0.6 miles west of Rambo Road. Homer Leggett Park is next to the Hiram parking lot, and Tara Drummond Park is located at the former Seaboard Road trailhead.


The 800-foot Brushy Mountain tunnel is in Paulding county, at the Paulding/Polk county line. The tunnel was built in 1912, and the nearest trailhead is Coot's Lake in Polk. This spectacular tunnel is about 2.6 miles east of Coot's Lake.


The Silver Comet Trail is "open from dawn to dusk", and the trail is lightly patrolled.


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Paulding Parks & Recreation


Paulding County is home to more than 900 acres of beautiful parkland. Here you will find something for everyone: adult and youth sports, tennis courts, racquetball courts, horseshoe courts, playgrounds, and lakes; along with organized sports and programs including football, baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, tennis, swimming, cheerleading, baton twirling, aerobics, bell dancing, and more.


Our many parks, among them, Paulding Meadows Veterans Memorial Park, the Samuel U. Braly "Playground of Dreams" Sports Complex, Leggett Memorial Park, Tara Drummond Memorial Park, White Oak Park, Taylor Farm Park, the Silver Comet Trail, and Mount Tabor Park, offer wide open spaces, pavilions, and playing fields.


Paulding County is currently a new multi-purpose park in western Paulding County. The City of Hiram runs Ben Hill Strickland Park. The City of Dallas offers Sara Babb Park and Lester Coleman Park.


Paulding County also has baseball, softball, football, and soccer fields at volunteer athletic parks throughout the county, New Georgia, Hiram, New Hope, Burnt Hickory, Union, Yorkville, and Ridge Road.


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